Hi! I’m Liz. And this is my notebook.

I’m fascinated by the merging of Infrastructure and Culture. When I first pursued the term “Infraculture” (~15 years ago!) my concept of infrastructure was in its built environment form. However, as you’ll see, this appreciation has expanded to include the underlying foundations of organizations and systems as well.

With infrastructure as the base, maintained yet evolving over time, culture– our social interactions– can grow.

This blog originally started as a collection of my notes, a regurgitation of others’ much better work. I paraphrased what I learned and then riffed on it with my own ideas. These notes took on my own perspective, of a certain place and a certain time. The thing is: sharing my notes encouraged me to write more. I still keep copious notes these days but have decided to package them a little more before sharing. This is that evolving effort.

I write to my future self.