My 2021 reading list

My 2021 reading list
Art by Wu Guanzhong

This year, I almost exclusively read science fiction. That's not normal for me, my go-to is non-fiction... but I've realized that there's a lot to be gained in the speculation of possibility.

As Cixin Liu says in an introduction to his short stories:

In China, the new generation’s way of thinking is changing dramatically. They are gradually turning their eyes away from the reality of their immediate environment and the mundanities of life toward the distant, starry sky and the future. More and more, they are beginning to see themselves as members of humankind, not merely as Chinese people. They are also beginning to care about those ultimate questions that their forebears seldom considered: where humans and the universe came from, and where they’re going. This change in their thinking will profoundly affect China’s future and even the future of humanity. The science fiction stories in this book are a vivid expression of this new way of thinking.

I wonder if I myself have come to this same "change in my thinking" recently?

My 2021 reading list (in this order):